We offer comprehensive support from the first idea all the way through to realising your vision. Are you planning a company event or an international hybrid congress with participants worldwide? Owning to our 10+ years experience in the field of event technology we always ensure that your event will impress.

Transparent &

Implementing your ideas is our ultimate goal. Moreover, making the process as smooth as possible is just as important to us. It is our aspiration to provide you with solutions proactively, without nasty surprises.

Innovative &

Our equipment is the foundation of our work. That’s why we always keep it state-of-the-art technologically and in peak condition visually – handled only by our professional employees.

Responsible &
detail oriented

A real technician is only satisfied when he can achieve the maximum result. We gladly stand 100% behind our work and our clients.


We are experts in the areas of light and audio engineering, video & multimedia, LED and stage equipment as well as live video streaming. Are you at the very start of your project or do you already have a clear idea of what you want? We’re always happy to advise you.


We know what you are really looking for in an event technology provider. Apart from professional and successful events we focus on proactive support both in planning and implementation.

Rasche Angebotslegung

Speedy Cost Estimates

First things first! In order to start your planning effectively we will swiftly provide you with a reliable cost estimate.

Individuelle Lösungen

Customised Solutions

We love implementing creative ideas! All our events are tailor-made based on our clients requirements and tastes.

Beratung auf Augenhöhe

Consultation at Eye Level

You’re still at the beginning of your planning? We are glad to support you with many tips for your desired event.

Gratis Reservematerial

Free Spare Material

On the day of your event we are prepared for everything. Even if something happens to break.


Several of our clients come from the healthcare sector, such as universities or research institutions. A big focus for us are corporate events as well as the implementation of happenings for public authorities. We are also frequently handling private events. All in all, we’ve gathered a large wealth of experience we can leverage!

Ignaz Zottl Eventtechnik 1


Our founder and project coordinator Ignaz Zottl, BA stays on top of things at every event. As a born technician he has a strong desire for perfection, while his Lower Austrian “Let’s do it” mentality ensures that the drive for innovation never get’s lost in the company.

We make sure that your event is in best hands. Apart from our motivated employees, Eventtechnik Zottl works with a network of established event technicians.


Hygiene Measures

Your event requires heightened security measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic? That is also a concern of ours. Our materials, especially microphones and other handheld equipment are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Moreover, we’re happy to advise you regarding online & hybrid event solutions.